Patoka has a great stock of gamefish. Here is a rundown on the current status at Patoka Lake:

largemouth bass

LARGEMOUTH BASS — The average Largemouth bass harvested at Patoka Lake is about 161/2 inches long. Plenty of 3 to 5 pound fish are caught, along with quite a few lunkers.


BLUEGILL — Despite local rumors, Bluegill are abundant throughout the lake, with reproduction and growth rates well over state average. The typical Bluegill caught here is 81/2 inches. Big ones here reach 12 inches.


CRAPPIE — Due to a recent introduction of shad as a baitfish at Patoka, both White and Black Crappies are reproducing and growing like crazy. Average is 10 inches, with some monsters here reaching 17 inches.


SUNFISH — Longear and Redear Sunfish are overpopulating Patoka Lake. They make for great panfishing here, especially for children. The typical Sunfish caught here is 7 inches. Big ones here reach 11 inches.

white bass

WHITE BASS — What can I say? Despite a big population, few people fish them here. The White Bass caught here range from 13 to 17 inches, and put up a good fight for the few that go after them.


CATFISH — Monster catfish here in the lake are a local secret. Channel cats here generally run from 15 to 32 inches. Hardly anyone fishes cats here, and I am convinced the lake will produce serious record fish.

Whatever you want at Patoka Lake, whether its just a day out with your kids for some simple fun, or a dead-serious advanced fishing session for a specific target species, I can help.

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My guide service is located on private property just to the east of the Newton-Stewart State Recreation Area (SRA) I am only minutes away from the ramps on Patoka Lake. You can call me at (812) 936-3382 to put together a great fishing trip. I'll Be Expecting You. Stop Wishing and lets go fishing!